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Ms. Ronnie
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Ryann Galganowicz was my son Nathan's teacher. She has the perfect combination of compassion, energy, and teaching talent. Nathan has autism and had extremely limited verbal communication before he started in Ryann's class. Within 2-3 months, Nathan's verbal communication improved noticeably and he was speaking in short phrases. Just as importantly, Ryann also helped Nathan to learn how to calm himself down before things got too bad for him. My wife and I witnessed first hand Ryann's compassion and skillful teaching. During a special after-school family event, Nathan was extremely excited and over stimulated. Ryann recognized this and gave Nathan a hug and squeeze and had him take deep breathes. She quickly and effectively calmed him down. We were fortunate enough to have Ryann as Nathan's teacher the following year. Through Ryann's dedication and teaching skill, Nathan continued to make steady progress. He was partially integrated into a traditional classroom for part of the mornings. Ryann's dedication and work have provided Nathan with the basic skills upon which he has continued to grow and build on. We are indebted to Ryann Galganowicz, or as Nathan called her "Ms. Ronnie". Thank you.